Back from the dark recesses of healing and extreme boredom…

As I started on the quest for new-found health and the return of my smokin’ hot body (HA), I totally rocked the kettlebell lifestyle.

I woke up at 5:30 am to get to class by 6:30 am, drank my green stuff, endured during the kettlebell classes, worked my way up to a great kettlebell weight, lost 4 inches around my waist in the 1st month, and drank my little recovery shake upon return home.  I even had the beginnings of a super cute kettlebell booty that was slowly inching its way upward, defying the gravity that had taken hold of this 47-year-old body at the time.  I was having the time of my life watching things return to their “original zip codes” at a steady pace.

Then….as luck would have it….my smokin’ hot body decided that my knees didn’t stand a chance on the 80th rep of a 26# kettlebell and I burst a cyst and ripped potholes in the articulate cartilage of my left knee.  Surgery was scheduled and thus began the non-weight bearing activities for 6 weeks, then another 2 weeks because I’m old and don’t heal fast.

The last week I found myself in LA on crutches with my super gorgeous daughter as she began her dream and new career of modeling.  The whole crutch thing got uber-irritating and I finally found some KT Tape, watched a YouTube video and stuck some pink stretchy tape to my knee and arch. The hobble was still there, but the crutches were cast aside in the hotel room for the last few days we were there.

Now we are back to our little home town temporarily, and I can concentrate on reorganizing my home that was left to the ideas of my family for 8 weeks as to where things should have been stored.  Yay for new CHAOS!

And just because I can and this is my blog….here’s a pic of my girlie poo owning the runway in an Albert Martincich & Kany Dao design from the Pre-Oscar’s Fashion Show held at For The Stars Fashion House with House of iKons.  Photo by Daniel MacSween & Makup and Hair by Dinah Raphaelle.

Beauty and the Beast Collection Albert Martincich & Kany Dao

Beauty and the Beast Collection
Albert Martincich & Kany Dao
Model Kaylan Auxier
Photography Daniel MacSween
HMUA Dinah Raphaelle




I almost have all of the canning done for my friends! WooHoo!

Here are some of the goodies!

Apple Pie Filling

Apple Pie Filling

Apple Pie Filling


Apple Crack

The Beginning of Apple Crack

The Beginning of Apple Crack


It started out Healthy!



Strawberry Blueberry Lemonade Concentrate

Strawberry Blueberry Lemonade Concentrate

Strawberry Blueberry Lemonade Concentrate (this one is ours) ❤

Wait…Have I been so busy that I couldn’t post a comment to my blog?

Yes, I have been. Oh the wife of the Sheriff!

I have actually had a chance to start canning for a friend of mine, and I will be darned if the Apple Jelly did not set. Grrrr. So I have to do it again which makes me pretty angry. I have never had jelly not jell, so I’m shaking my head in shame and accepting that sometimes, things just go south.

I am also working on a new little business plan. I cannot wait to get started on this new endeavor I am THRILLED about accomplishing in my small town. More info to come on this one ❤ !

I have been involved in a 90 Day Kettlebell Challenge and at first I thought I might just expire, but I am hanging in there. Progress Blog at Unrepentant Thinner right here on WordPress. It is definitely a challenge EVERYDAY!

Cortana the WEINER DOG is progressing well. She has a lump in her back from the trauma and looks like an inchworm, but shows no sign off pain or ill-effect, so we keep an extra vigilant eye on her (when we can, she's sneaky) and take her in to the Vet every 3 months for a check-up. Whew!

I also just saw someone using my Obsessive Canning Disorder name on another Blog recently…sigh…I guess I'm a trendsetter! ❤

Cortana the Weiner Dog and Our Adventures with IVDD

3 weeks ago, back leg problems began with our little doxie. Ugh…it has been an adventure.

She is in “doggie prison” trying to keep her calm so that her disc can heal. Poor little thing has been sedated for the duration so that she remains still”ish”. She is quite the nosy thing, and wants to control her sisters all the time, so we have decided the prison life is not for her.

I started a treatment at one of the vet clinics (an hour from my house driving 80 mph to get there…shhhhh) called K-Laser Therapy/Cold Laser Therapy. I know there is science behind this magical treatment, but I will be darned as it is working slowly as she regains the use of her legs.

She is still weak, and doesn’t have the reflex to flip her back feet “upright” all the time, but she can pull her legs back under her body to get her center of gravity before she takes a few steps. Last night she walked to greet one of our cats before she plopped back down, recentered, then walked again to follow the cat.

I also just received a supplement that my cousin swears by called Flavocin. He said his Boston Terrier acts like a 3 year old again, so my vet said to try it in conjunction with the Cold Laser Therapy. She is very very finicky, and she actually chewed 1/2 the tablet without complaining. She gets the other half this evening.

Anywho, here are a few pics of her being spoiled, sitting in Daddy’s Sheriff’s Office and in her “holding block” at home.

Sleepy spoiled Cortana

Taking control of the Sheriff’s Office!

I got the Jailhouse Blues!

Gravy & Biscuits…without the biscuits because I only had leftover hamburger buns…

Yup, I’ve been craving Gravy & Biscuits all day.  I didn’t want to make biscuits, so I pulled out some old hamburger buns, toasted them and put the gravy/sausage on them!  Waste not, want not!

I have to say…it hit the spot and it was perfect.  It did not prescribe to my healthy eating plan, however, it sure did fit into my “holy cow this tastes just like my Nana used to make” plan!

Tomorrow, back to healthy choices…yay…

Sausage Gravy & "Biscuits" (without the biscuits)

Sausage Gravy & “Biscuits” (without the biscuits)


Poached Eggs…My Favorite Breakfast Meal!

I love eggs…and especially poached eggs.

Since January 2014, I have lost 22 pounds just by eating healthier.  No exercise, no sweat, no sore muscles…just healthier food.  Now don’t get me wrong, my plans for Spring include a renewal of my “Gym Vows” (I hate doing that New Year’s Resolution thing), so all of the above gym stuff will be happening soon…ugh.

Sorry about the sidebar…I love eggs!  I don’t eat them at every meal, but 2 poached eggs in the morning are my perfect fit.  They offer enough “umph” to get me through the morning, and apparently my body thinks they are a perfect fit to help with my weight loss.  I love it when a plan comes together!


Poached Eggs with Kosher Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper and Hungarian Paprika.

Poached Eggs with Kosher Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper and Hungarian Paprika.


Now, go eat a few eggs!


Bacon Filled Cinnamon Rolls

These were delicious! I don’t even really like bacon (don’t judge), and these were the perfect combo of sweet and salty and not too bacon-y!

My 19 year old came home with bacon and 2 packages of cinnamon rolls last night…and “hinted” that these need to be made the next morning.

I gave in, so here we go…

2 packages of Jumbo sized Cinnamon Rolls (or go all “uber frau” and make them from scratch…I’ve done that!)

1 package of bacon (at least 10 pieces…maple bacon would be good, too)

Cook or bake bacon until it is “floppy bacon”.  I bake bacon at 350F in the oven on a foil lined baking sheet that has a small lip for a few minutes…keeps things clean and no bacon spatters all over the stovetop.

Unroll individual cinnamon rolls, place a strip of floppy cooked and drained bacon on the unrolled cinnamon roll, then re-roll the cinnamon roll…


See…two packages of cinnamon rolls and an almost complete package of bacon gone because I forgot to take a pic before I started!


Floppy bacon rolled into the cinnamon roll. Some of the bacon slices fit neatly into the roll and some just poke out…both turn out wonderful! These are sitting on the baking sheet waiting to be baked, my pizza stone only holds 8 cinnamon rolls at a time!

Finished Cinnamon Roll!

Finished Cinnamon Roll! The bacon is peeking out, but not every roll looks like this…but…every roll tastes delicious! Don’t forget to put that dreamy frosting on the rolls after they come out of the oven!

Yes…teenagers are persuasive and geniuses!

Now, go make cinnamon rolls!  These are almost gone!

Quite the BBQ Spread!

Primary Election Night, March 4th, 2014!

Our candidates did super well, but unfortunately did not win tonight.

Even though we are sad about this particular election, we are not defeated and will press on into the future to defeat the system that is currently in place!  We gave the “machine” a run for it’s money for sure, and only lost by a small margin…perhaps those in “charge” should keep watch in their immediate rearview mirrors as we don’t stand by idly to participate in the underhanded tactics we have witnessed over the years.

Anyway…I catered for the celebration party of one of our candidates!  We had ribs, burgers, dogs, borracho beans, drunken chili and all of the fixin’s for a shindig fit for a wonderful man of integrity!

Our loss was sad, we will come back with pride, and we will continue to celebrate with good friends and good food!


Borracho Beans simmering for HOURS!


Drunken Chili!


Great Grandpaw’s BBQ Sauce!



Baby Back Ribs ready for the PIT OF DREAMS!


Baby Back Ribs right before being wrapped!

Axis Meat Galore…What’s a Girl to Do?

Back in November we were blessed with numerous Axis deer that had been processed at our local meat market. What was I to do with that much ground meat…can it!

Again I heard the, “ooohhhh gross”, “why do you can meat”, “that looks yucky” comments, but I just laugh when I see the ingredients…MEAT & SALT! That’s it…no artificial preservatives, and self made broth! What’s to hate about that!

I also cooked up some Axis Stew…and have ready made lunch or dinner in a “snap”!  Delicious and Convenient!
2014-02-24 14.10.372014-02-24 14.11.25-1

2014-02-24 14.11.49